Simply was born from a family experience.

It can happen to any of us. A sudden change in a family situation called for the need to quickly sell a parent’s home. Time was of the essence, and the home, while solid, was badly in need of updating and repairs. We had years of experience in real estate, and were realistic in the value of the house. We didn’t want to be taken advantage of, and needed to make sure we got the most money for the house, as-is.

family needed to sell

Selling in the “traditional” way didn’t make sense.

Our first thought was to work with a real estate agent and list the property. This is the logical move for many people, in many situations.

It didn’t make sense for us.

By the time we figured in the cost of the repairs, the carrying costs on the property, and the fees that would have been paid to a real estate agent, it was just too expensive. The timing just wouldn’t work, and the Return On Investment wouldn’t have been enough. 

There had to be another way, right?

We needed to sell off-market. As-is.

We spoke to a few local property investors, and their offers were just way too low. They were almost predatory in nature. They weren’t fair. 

All we wanted was a fair price for a home in fair condition. A home that had raised a family, and was filled with memories. We needed to be able to move on, and create new memories.

We needed to sell. Simply.

Sell. Simply.

We were able to sell the home to a family friend. They paid a fair cash price for the house as-is, and we closed quickly. 

We knew we couldn’t be the only people that found themselves in a similar situation. Simply was born.

The Simply Model is designed to make sellers the best possible offer for their property, as is. 

No repairs. No updates. No showings. And with ZERO FEES.  We believe that by being fair in the prices we pay, and transparent in the process, we’ll win more business, and improve the communities we invest into. Not every situation is right for Simply, but for the ones that are, we’re here to help.

Simply pays homeowners more than other property investors

Brian Bagdasarian

Co-Founder & CEO

Brian created Simply after experiencing the frustration selling a loved-one’s home off-market. Having built his career in both the high technology and real estate areas, he knew that where the two met there was an opportunity to give people a simply, fast, and enjoyable option for selling homes that needed a bit of work, or situations that required a quick sale. 

Before Simply, Brian was the Head of Digital Engagement Strategy at LogMeIn, Inc – one of the top technology companies. While at LogMeIn Brian built, from the ground up, a dynamic team that was tasked with rethinking the way that people do business, and creating cutting-edge solutions to enable that to happen.

Prior to LogMeIn, Brian was the Head of Conversational Growth Strategy at HubSpot, Inc – the company that literally created the concept of Inbound Marketing, and helping businesses, and people, grow better.

Prior to HubSpot, Brian was the Chief Evangelist Officer at Motion.ai (which was acquired by HubSpot), a company that developed an advanced, yet easy to use platform for the development and deployment of chatbots. Before Motion.ai Brian held senior roles in private banking, fund management, and real estate lending companies in the United States, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Brian lives with his wife and daughter on the coast of Maine, and they spend their time skiing and boating (depending on the season!)

Donald Murdoch

Co-Founder & COO

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Frequently Asked Questions


Nothing! When you sell your home to Simply, you pay zero fees



We buy homes and multi-unit properties (usually up to 4 units) in the Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Iowa, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, as well as other select markets.


We do it because we believe its the right thing to do. Our business is founded on the idea that helping people in difficult situations is a win-win for everyone involved. Our business is built around offering a (very) fair deal to sellers. We believe that if we do that, then everyone walks way feeling good. That builds trust within the community, and generates more business for us in the long term.


Those other people have one objective – pay you as little as possible for your property, and take advantage of your situation.

We don’t think thats right, or fair. 

We have a different point of view. We believe that buying homes off-market helps both the seller and the community. We are part of the communities that we operate within. That means we have to make sure that we do right by all involved. As a company started by people with backgrounds in technology and banking, we know how to scale our business over time. This means we don’t have to make as much money on each deal, and we put that difference back in your pocket.

Sell as-is. Pay zero fees. Move when it works for you.
No showings. No cleaning. No repairs.

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